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By: Adibal Adenwingie
Published: 24th March 2014, 12:59am

Are you clucking kiding me?

Wigan woman sells chicken brothel for £1.2 Million.

Linda Pilkington, 56 from Billinge, started out with just 4 chickens in her back garden way back in 2005. "I never dreamed I would end up with so many all them years ago, or how popular they would become with the locals.", she told our reporter yesterday.

The business now has over 900 chickens housed in a rather luxurious barn, earning a staggering £6,000 per week. "It's quite funny how it all started", she says, "I was in bed with my husband, Rob, when he complained about the chickens, saying they was a waste of money as they hardly laid any eggs. I remember mentioning they may need a cock as I drifted off to sleep."

"Well I woke up to an awful racket about 4.30am, Rob wasn't in bed next to me and the noise was getting louder. I looked out of the window and there he was, in his boxer shorts with a chicken in his hands. I shouted to him, trying to tell him he had the wrong end of the stick, so to speak, but he couldn't hear me over the squawking. We laughed about it in the morning. Rob told his mates at work and they wanted to try it out, it all spiralled from there really."

Linda's next door neighbour, Kate, won't be sorry to see them go. "It's been a bloody nightmare," she says, "I haven't eaten chicken thighs for 6 years, even walking past a KFC brings on a panic attack. That woman has ruined my life." Her husband, Steve, nodded in agreeent behind her, plucking feathers from his mouth.