Tuesday 9th August 2022    2:52 am
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Research explains the sudden cold spell.

Baby it's cold outside.
A recent study by UK scientists in conjunction with the American Meteorological Society has been looking into what is causing the sudden cold spell that is gripping Britain.

Old Hope School sees paranormal researchers decend.

On the 100 year anniversary of the brutal deaths of 14 children by a crazed madman, named Alfred Grimes, sightings of ghost and strange cold spots have been widely reported.

Church to seek Easter egg ban

Jesus was lactose intolerant
A new study conducted on DNA found on a sample of the Shroud of Turin has confirmed that Jesus was lactose intolerant and would not be able to eat a milk chocolate Easter egg.

Classes in chaos as teachers strike

A teachers strike on Wednesday is expected to cause widespred disruption in classrooms throughout Wigan

Wigan Pier demolition delay revealed

Ancient pots still full of lobbies at the Wigan Pier demolition site.
The infamous Wigan Pier Nightspot was supposed to be demolished in early January this year, but plans were put no hold when historians showed a huge interest in the site.

The Pied Piper of Newtown

Atherton man plays the pipes of pizza.
An Atherton man has claimed the fast reopening of Krunchy’s Chicken and Pizza in Newtown can be attributed to him.

Wigan schools to ban 'culturally insensitive' coloured pens

Schools to place a ban on the use of "coloured" ink pens out of concerns that they’re offensive and demeaning to students.

Are you clucking kiding me?

Wigan woman sells chicken brothel for £1.2 Million.
Linda Pilkington, 56 from Billinge, started out with just 4 chickens in her back garden way back in 2005.