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By: Stuart Goodwin
Published: 24th March 2014, 3:25pm

Wigan schools to ban 'culturally insensitive' coloured pens

Schools to place a ban on the use of "coloured" ink pens out of concerns that they’re offensive and demeaning to students.

The new rule was proposed after one student at an unnamed school complained that a "culturally insensitive teacher" made her feel oppressed.

12 year old Sally Turner said the incdent occurred when a history teacher used red ink to mark her homework, causing the ginger haired student, who got an F, to burst into tears because she thought the teacher was justifying the constant bullying of ginger haired students by equating the colour red to something bad, "It's soul destroying," she added.

Peter Fernwill, a Professor of Education Psychology, said they are considering a number of options and that students and staff members could face disciplinary action if they use "culturally insensitive" pens with coloured ink like black or red. Instead, everyone will be required to use colour-neutral pens with grey ink, or possibly blue if the Queen is ok with it.

A former pupil of the school, that wished to remain nameless,  said yesterday "I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal about it, we all know gingers have no soul anyway."